Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in Avengers Secret Wars

Is Really Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Appearing In Avengers: Secret Wars? According To Some Insiders Andrew Garfield Has Reportedly Been Contacted By Kevin Feigi About Appearing In “Avengers: Secret Wars’

Is Really Andrew Garfield Appearing In “Avengers: Secret War”

According to well known insider, can we get some toast (CWGST), prior to the sag-aftra strike, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige reached out to Andrew Garfield about appearing as his version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Avengers: Secret Wars.
Andrew Garfield respire his role in 2021 Spider-Man: No Way Home With Tobey And Other Cast Members.

A film titled Avengers: Secret Wars is in development and will be released on May 7, 2027. It will be the sixth Avengers film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Which probably conclude the multiverse saga and marvel cinematic universe which started in 2008 with first movie iron man.

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