Attack On Titan Season 4 Release Date Part 3

Attack On Titan Season 4 Release Date Part 3 – “Attack on Titan: Final Season” Last Part New Trailer. Airs November 4, 2023; Studio MAPPA

Attack on Titan: Final Season” Last Part will air on November 4, 2023. The information was accidentally leaked by the production team.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Release Date Part 3

If you like anime, you’ve definitely heard of Attack on Titan, one of the most popular and critically praised series of the last decade. Attack on Titan is a dark fantasy story based on Hajime Isayama’s manga that recounts humanity’s struggle against the terrible Titans, who nearly wiped out civilization and forced the survivors to dwell behind gigantic walls. The series has received critical acclaim for its riveting plot, fascinating characters, amazing animation, and dramatic soundtrack.

Attack on Titan has spawned four anime seasons, the fourth and last of which is titled Attack on Titan: The last Season. The Final Season contains the manga’s final two arcs, “Marley” and “War for Paradis,” which disclose the truths behind the Titans’ origins, the world’s history, and the destiny of the main protagonists. The Final Season was produced by MAPPA, as opposed to the previous three seasons, which were produced by WIT Studio.

The Final Season is broken into three segments, each with multiple episodes. The first installment ran from December 7, 2020 to March 29, 2021, covering chapters 91 to 116 of the manga. The second installment aired from January 10 to April 4, 2022, and covered manga chapters 117 to 122. The third and final installment will be broadcast in two one-hour specials titled The Final Chapters. On March 4, 2023, the first special aired, covering chapters 123 to 130 of the manga. The second special, which will show on November 5, 2023, at midnight JST, will contain chapters 131 to 139 of the manga, which concludes the plot.

Pony Canyon, a Japanese media business that distributes Attack on Titan, mistakenly disclosed the release date of the second special. On September 11, 2023, an unlisted YouTube video with a teaser poster and a description revealing the date was uploaded to Pony Canyon’s channel. The video was swiftly removed, but not before some fans caught wind of it and shared the word online.

In this article, we will go over what happened in The Final Chapters’ first special, what we may expect from the second special based on the manga and the recently released trailer, and what impact Attack on Titan has had on the anime business and culture.

Review of The Final Chapters Special 1

The first special of The Final Chapters picked up where the second part of The Final Season left off. Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the series who possesses the power of three Titans (the Founding Titan, the Attack Titan, and the War Hammer Titan), has initiated the Rumbling, a cataclysmic event that unleashes millions of colossal Titans from within the walls of Paradis Island, where most of the story takes place. Eren’s goal is to use the Rumbling to destroy all life outside of Paradis Island, in order to protect his people from being persecuted by the rest of the world.

However, not everyone agrees with Eren’s plan. His former friends and comrades from the Survey Corps (an elite military branch that fights against Titans) have formed an alliance with some of their former enemies from Marley (a powerful nation that has oppressed Eldians like Eren for centuries) and other countries. Their aim is to stop Eren and end the Rumbling before it wipes out humanity.

The first special showed us how Eren’s actions have affected different characters and locations around the world. We saw how his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert tried to reason with him through a telepathic connection that he established with all Eldians using his Founding Titan power. We saw how his half-brother Zeke Yeager (the former Beast Titan) tried to stop him by using his own power to control Titans made from his spinal fluid. We saw how his former mentor Levi Ackerman (the strongest soldier in humanity) fought against Zeke in a brutal showdown that left both of them severely injured. We saw how his former rival Reiner Braun (the Armored Titan) led a group of Titan shifters (people who can transform into Titans) to confront Eren in his massive skeletal form that carries all the Wall Titans.

We also saw how other characters reacted to Eren’s actions. We saw how Gabi Braun (Reiner’s cousin and a Warrior candidate who killed Eren’s friend Sasha Blouse) and Falco Grice (another Warrior candidate who inherited Zeke’s Beast Titan power) tried to cope with their guilt and confusion after learning the truth about Eren and Paradis. We saw how Historia Reiss (the queen of Paradis and Eren’s friend) gave birth to a child whose father is unknown. We saw how Annie Leonhart (the Female Titan who was in a crystal for four years) reunited with her father and joined the alliance against Eren. We saw how Jean Kirstein, Connie Springer, and Pieck Finger (the Cart Titan) infiltrated Eren’s skeletal form and rescued Armin from being eaten by a Titan. We saw how Yelena (a follower of Zeke who helped Eren start the Rumbling) and Floch Forster (a nationalist who supported Eren’s plan) were killed by their respective enemies.

The first special ended with a cliffhanger, as Eren’s head was blown off by a gunshot from Gabi, who used a rifle that was given to her by Falco. However, before his head fell to the ground, it touched Zeke’s hand, which triggered the Founding Titan’s power again. The screen then cut to black, leaving us wondering what will happen next.

Expectations for The Final Chapters Special 2

The second special of The Final Chapters will be the final episode of Attack on Titan, and will adapt the last nine chapters of the manga. The manga ended on April 9, 2021, with chapter 139, which was titled “Toward the Tree on That Hill”. The manga’s ending received mixed reactions from fans, some of whom praised it for its emotional impact and thematic consistency, while others criticized it for its plot holes and character inconsistencies.

Without spoiling too much, we can say that the second special will reveal the ultimate fate of Eren and his friends, as well as the world that they live in. It will also answer some of the remaining mysteries and questions that have been raised throughout the series, such as:

  • What is the true nature and origin of the Titans and the Paths (a dimension that connects all Eldians and Titans)?
  • What is the meaning and purpose of Eren’s dream in the first chapter/episode, where he saw glimpses of the future?
  • What is the significance of Ymir Fritz (the first Titan and the ancestor of all Eldians)?
  • What is the role of Mikasa in Eren’s plan and destiny?
  • What is the message that Eren wants to convey to his friends and enemies?
  • What is the future of Paradis Island and the rest of the world after the Rumbling?

To give us a taste of what to expect from the second special, a new trailer was released on September 24, 2023. The trailer featured scenes from the manga’s final chapters, accompanied by a narration from Eren himself. The trailer also revealed that the second special will feature a new opening theme song by SiM, titled “The Rumbling”, and a new ending theme song by Yui Ishikawa (the voice actress of Mikasa), titled “Akuma no Ko” (Child of the Devil).

The trailer showed us some glimpses of what will happen in the second special, such as:

  • Eren transforming into a gigantic bird-like creature that carries his headless body.
  • The alliance fighting against Eren and his Wall Titans in a desperate attempt to stop him.
  • Armin using his Colossal Titan power to create a massive explosion that engulfs Eren’s form.
  • Mikasa confronting Eren in a surreal landscape that resembles their childhood home.
  • Eren talking to his friends through their memories in different timelines.
  • A flashback to Eren’s conversation with his father Grisha Yeager (the previous Attack Titan) before he inherited his power.
  • A glimpse of what happens after the Rumbling ends.

The trailer also hinted at some of the emotional moments and twists that will occur in the second special, such as:

  • Eren expressing his feelings for Mikasa and his regret for hurting her.
  • Mikasa making a crucial decision that will change everything.
  • Armin realizing Eren’s true intentions and thanking him for his sacrifice.
  • Reiner finding peace with himself and his past.
  • Levi fulfilling his promise to Erwin Smith (the former commander of the Survey Corps) and his fallen comrades.
  • Historia naming her child after someone important.
  • A scene that shows what happens to Paradis Island and the rest of the world three years after the Rumbling.

The trailer ended with a shot of a tree on a hill, which is where the manga’s final chapter takes place. The tree is significant because it is where Ymir Fritz first encountered the source of all organic life that gave her the power of the Titans. It is also where Eren buried his head after he was decapitated by Gabi. The tree represents both the beginning and the end of Attack on Titan’s story.

Impact of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is not only one of the most popular anime series of all time, but also one of the most influential ones

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