Moon Knight Director Says Season 2 Depends on Marvel’s Plans –

Moon Knight Director
Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has stated that the fate of Season 2 relies on Marvel’s intentions. Moon Knight Director ...
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Marvel Studios Intends to Keep Deadpool 3’s Current Release Date

Marvel Studios Deadpool 3 2023
Marvel Studios – Despite the ongoing actors’ strike, Marvel Studios reportedly intends to keep Deadpool 3’s current release date of ...
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Spike Lee wishes Christopher Nolan had shown what happened to Japanese people in Oppenheimer.

Spike Lee / Oppenheimer
Spike Lee, an experienced filmmaker, called “Oppenheimer” a terrific picture that would have been better if director Christopher Nolan had ...
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A Haunting in Venice: Where To Stream?

A Haunting in Venice
A Haunting in Venice is a 2023 supernatural mystery film directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot. It ...
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Grogu Statue Replaces Master Yoda at Lucasfilm Singapore Studio Building

Grogu, the breakout character from the Disney+ streaming series The Mandalorian, has taken his rightful place at the Lucasfilm/Disney Sandcrawler ...
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Ridley Scott Working on Four-Hour Director’s Cut of ‘Napoleon’ for Apple TV+

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott – Legendary director Ridley Scott is working on a four-hour director’s cut of his upcoming film Napoleon, which ...
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Captain Marvel’s New MCU Boyfriend Has Been Confirmed

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers’ new relationship status appears to be revealed in newly released, low-resolution footage from The Marvels. ...
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Moon Knight Director Interested in Directing Batman Movie

Batman Movie
Batman Movie – Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has expressed interest in directing a Batman movie. Batman Movie In a ...
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Scott Derrickson Confirms Labyrinth 2 Is Still in Development

Labyrinth – Fans of the cult classic film Labyrinth will be happy to hear that director Scott Derrickson has confirmed ...
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Moon Knight Director Criticizes Zack Snyder’s DC Films, Praises James Gunn

Moon Knight
Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has criticized Zack Snyder’s DC films, saying that they “didn’t appeal to me.” He praised ...
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Is the Disney Pixar Holocaust film true? Online, a viral poster generates skepticism.

Disney – After circulating online, a poster named ‘Caust,’ a purportedly abbreviated term for ‘Holocaust,’ displaying Hitler front and center ...
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Julie Anne San Jose, Rayver Cruz, Boobay, and the Sparkle team are safe in Tel Aviv.

Julie Anne San Jose – Sparkle issued a special announcement on Rayver Cruz, Boobay, and the Sparkle team in Tel ...
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