Is it necessary to play Detective Pikachu before Detective Pikachu Returns?

Detective Pikachu Returns – The sequel to the 2016 3DS game Detective Pikachu is Detective Pikachu Returns. This game picks off just where the last one left off, and whether or not you need to play the first one first is an intriguing subject. The Pokemon Company’s next adventure/puzzle title has more depth, but do you really need to complete the original game before tackling the sequel?

Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu

Fortunately, we have the solution. Sure, playing the first Detective Pikachu before diving into Detective Pikachu Returns is a good idea, but it’s not as crucial as you might expect.

Playing the original is beneficial but not required before playing Detective Pikachu Returns.

Detective Pikachu Returns is set in Rhyme City and will be released soon. It also features the titular Pokemon and his human partner, Tim Goodman. Tim’s father is still missing, which is a major plot point in this sequel. On the 3DS, however, the prior game neatly wrapped up all the story beats.

Normally, we’d recommend playing the prior game before getting into Detective Pikachu Returns, but this is a standalone adventure. It’s a new mystery to solve, and you don’t need to know anything from the prior game to get started. It would now make some portions of the game easier, such as becoming acquainted with the characters and game mechanics.

The main issue is that the 3DS no longer supports the eShop, therefore any copy of the game will have to be purchased in physical form. Purchasing the game on a third market, such as eBay, will cost gamers between $40 and $70, with a few exceptions.

That will be a problem for some Detective Pikachu Returns fans, who may not have a 3DS at all. If you wish to become acquainted with the main characters and plot, Nintendo UK has released a quick film describing the events that have previously occurred.

It takes less than two minutes to view, so catching up is simple. It’s not a bad idea to play the game first, before the impending Switch sequel. The only true link to the preceding story is that Harry Goodman remains missing. If fans are aware of this, they will have a significant point to remember as they investigate this new story in Rhyme City.

It’s a fascinating franchise for fans of crime-solving and detective novels. The game is intended to help newbies get up to speed, and it even makes reference to a film that was published around the time the last game was launched.

You don’t need to play the first game before Detective Pikachu Returns launches on October 6, 2023. If you wanted to understand the characters and gameplay of the series as a whole, it would help to play it first, though. While you wait, you can also participate in an event for this game in Pokemon Go.

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