League of Legends LoLdle responds 459 (October 9, 2023)

League of Legends – LoLdle is a daily League of Legends puzzle game that tests players’ knowledge of the game’s champions, abilities, emotes, and skins.

League of Legends
League of Legends

League of Legends : (October 9, 2023)

The LoLdle answers for its 459th iteration are now available. An in-depth knowledge of League of Legends champions, their abilities, emoticons, and skins is crucial to conquering all this game’s puzzles. Once you familiarize yourself with LoL characters, you can then take on all the challenges presented in this latest iteration of LoLdle and share your results on different social media platforms.

The LoLdle answers for October 9, 2023 are as follows:

  • Classic: Sona
  • Quote: Shyvana
  • Ability: Diana, Bonus: R
  • Emoji: Seraphine
  • Splash Art: Shen, Bonus: Surgeon Shen

Classic: Sona

The classic LoLdle clue is a simple description of the champion. In this case, the clue is “On wings of fury.” This clue is a reference to Sona’s passive ability, Power Chord, which allows her to deal bonus damage to enemies with her basic attacks and abilities after playing three different notes.

Quote: Shyvana

The quote clue is a line of dialogue from one of the game’s champions. In this case, the quote is “I am the dragon’s fury!” This quote is from Shyvana, a half-dragon champion who can transform into a dragon in combat.

Ability: Diana, Bonus: R

The ability clue is a short description of one of the game’s abilities. In this case, the clue is “Lunar Rush.” This ability is from Diana, a champion who can use the power of the moon to teleport to enemies and deal damage. The bonus clue, R, indicates that the ability is Diana’s ultimate ability.

Emoji: Seraphine

The emoji clue is a single emoji that represents one of the game’s champions. In this case, the emoji is a musical note. This emoji is a reference to Seraphine, a champion who uses music as a weapon.

Splash Art: Shen, Bonus: Surgeon Shen

The splash art clue is a picture of one of the game’s champions in their default skin. In this case, the picture is of Shen. The bonus clue, Surgeon Shen, indicates that the splash art is from one of Shen’s alternate skins.

How to Play LoLdle

To play LoLdle, simply visit the game’s website and start guessing. You can guess as many times as you want, but each guess will reduce your score. The goal is to guess the correct answer with as few guesses as possible.

Tips for Playing LoLdle

Here are a few tips for playing LoLdle:

  • Start with the classic clue. This clue is usually the most general, so it’s a good place to start your guessing.
  • If you’re stuck, try using the other clues. The quote, ability, emoji, and splash art clues can all be helpful in narrowing down your options.
  • Don’t be afraid to eliminate answers. If you know that a champion doesn’t fit the clue, eliminate it from your list of possibilities.
  • Use the bonus clues. The bonus clues can be very helpful in confirming your guess.

Previous League of Legends LoLdle answers

October 8Gnar, Morgana, Malzahar, Vi, Varus
October 7Gragas, Nilah, Vi, Kayle, Teemo
October 6Sylas, Ornn, Nidalee, Ivern, Naafiri
October 5Rell, Mordekaiser, Brand, Kayn, Urgot
October 4Gangplank, Vel’Koz, Milio, Singed, Jhin
October 3Pyke, Diana, Illaoi, Aatrox, Camille
October 2Riven, Nautilus, Twitch, Varus, Trundle
October 1Udyr, Fiddlesticks, Sylas, Lucian, Sona
September 30Viktor, Rammus, Twisted Fate, Fiddlesticks, Xin Zhao
September 29Janna, Senna, Corki, Udyr, Draven
September 28Lee Sin, Yone, Poppy, Illaoi, Diana
September 27Zeri, Sivir, Lux, Maokai, Sion
September 26Senna, Jax, Wukong, Zyra, Kalista
September 25Amumu, Zed, Graves, Kalista, Gnar
September 24Akali, Poppy, Ekko, Gragas, Taric
September 23Annie, Kha’Zix, Karthus, Lissandra, Kog’Maw
September 22Varus, Rell, Teemo, Rakan, Zed
The LoLdle answers for its 460th edition will be published on October 10, 2023.

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