Marvel Writer Teases Loki’s Character Arc in Season 2

Loki Marvel writer Eric Martin has teased Loki’s character arc in the second season of the Disney+ series. In a recent interview, Martin shared how Loki’s experience in the previous season’s events will affect the MCU character to grow in Season 2.

Episode One

Loki 2023

“Season 1, and like Episode 1 especially, scrambled his brains,” Martin said. “And so he had to completely reset and figure out who he was.”

"Loki had kind of forgotten who he was, and Season 2 is like rebalancing that," he continued. "We're getting back to the God of Mischief. So we see him using all those talents of the God of Mischief but as a hero now."

This suggests that Loki will be returning to his roots as a trickster and manipulator, but this time he will be using his powers for good. It will be interesting to see how Loki’s relationship with the TVA and Mobius evolves in Season 2, as well as how he interacts with the other variants of himself.

Martin’s comments also suggest that Loki will be on a journey of self-discovery in Season 2. After everything he has been through, he will need to figure out who he is and what he wants. This could lead to some major changes for the character, both personally and professionally.

Overall, it sounds like Loki’s character arc in Season 2 will be a fascinating one. It will be exciting to see how the character grows and changes as he navigates the new multiverse.

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