Marvel’s Vision Quest Is Being Rumored To Be Cancelled

Marvel Studios‘ upcoming series Vision Quest is rumored to have been cancelled. This is based on the fact that the showrunner, Jac Schaeffer, no longer has the series listed on her WGA Directory credits.

Vision Quest
Vision Quest

Additionally, there have been very few updates on the series since it was announced last year.

Vision Quest

This is a disappointing development for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who were excited to see the return of Paul Bettany as Vision. Vision Quest was expected to explore Vision’s journey of self-discovery after he was reborn as White Vision at the end of WandaVision.

It is unclear why Marvel Studios may have cancelled the series. It is possible that they were not happy with the direction of the script, or that they decided to focus on other projects. Whatever the reason, it is a shame that fans will not get to see Vision Quest.

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What does this mean for the future of Vision in the MCU?

It’s uncertain what the future holds for Vision in the MCU. He may feature in other projects, such as Armor Wars. However, it is probable that he will not be seen again for some time.

The termination of Vision Quest shows that Marvel Studios is not afraid to terminate projects, even if they are widely anticipated. This is because Marvel Studios has a very high quality standard and is not afraid to discard projects in which they do not believe.

What can fans do?

Fans can always express their disappointment to Marvel Studios on social media. However, it is important to be respectful and to avoid sending any negative or hateful messages.

Fans can also show their support for Vision by continuing to watch and enjoy his appearances in other MCU projects.

Vision Quest cancelled
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