New Billie Eilish TidalWave comic Released

EXCLUSIVE: New Billie Eilish TidalWave comic hits shelves this week!

Billie Eilish TidalWave comic
TidalWave comic

Billie Eilish

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Female Force: Billie Eilish,” a new Billie Eilish-inspired comic book, will be released on October 11 by TidalWave Comics as part of the “Female Force” series.

“Female Force: Billie Eilish,” a 22-page comic book written by Michael Frizell and illustrated by Lucy Fidelis, will give readers an inside peek at Eilish’s incredible journey.

“Becoming acquainted with the artists we admire made them more approachable and special, bringing us closer to their humanity.” “It’s difficult to find words that adequately express how meaningful it was to illustrate this work,” Fidelis said of his experience working on the project.


Eilish embodies the incredible talent of Generation Z, from teaming with her brother, Finneas, to releasing the song “Ocean Eyes” at the age of 15 to becoming the youngest artist to ever win a Grammy for album of the year in 2020. Her distinct style and identifiable vocals have propelled her to a level that many could only wish for.

Eilish joins other notable women such as Dolly Parton, Gloria Steinam, Oprah Winfrey, and others in exhibiting renowned entertainers, journalists, authors, and activists in the “Female Force” series.

The paperback edition of “Female Force: Billie Eilish” will feature a cover by renowned comic book artist Ramon Salas, and the hardcover edition will feature a cover by Marvel Comics artist Yonami.

Billie Eilish

“Female Force: Billie Eilish” will be available digitally on Kindle, iTunes ComiXology, Global Comics, Google Play, and other platforms on October 11.

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