Secret Wars Will Aim To Fix All The Things Wrong With The MCU

Secret Wars – According to Joanna Robinson, Marvel Studios is planning to use the upcoming film Avengers: Secret Wars as a soft reboot to fix all the problems of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is an interesting development, and it raises a number of questions.

Secret Wars
Credit: Marvel Studios

What are the problems with the MCU that Secret Wars is trying to fix? What does it mean for the future of the franchise? And how will fans react to a soft reboot?

Secret Wars Will Aim To Fix MCU!

The problems with the MCU

There are a number of problems with the MCU, some of which have been plaguing the franchise for years. These include:

  • Inconsistent quality: Not all MCU films are created equal. Some are excellent, while others are mediocre or even bad. This inconsistency in quality can be frustrating for fans, who often have high expectations for each new MCU film.
  • A bloated roster: The MCU roster has grown so large that it is difficult to give every character the attention they deserve. This can lead to underdeveloped characters and storylines.
  • A lack of focus: The MCU has become so vast and sprawling that it has lost some of its focus. It is not always clear what the franchise is trying to be or where it is headed.

How Secret Wars could fix these problems

Secret Wars is a massive crossover event that could be used to address all of the problems listed above. The film could be used to prune the MCU roster, getting rid of characters who are no longer necessary or who are not working. It could also be used to reset the franchise’s continuity, giving Marvel Studios a clean slate to start with.

In addition, Secret Wars could be used to introduce new characters and storylines, and to refocus the franchise on its core values. The film could be a chance for Marvel Studios to start fresh and to create a more cohesive and consistent MCU.

How fans might react

Fans are likely to have mixed reactions to a soft reboot of the MCU. Some fans may be excited about the prospect of a fresh start, while others may be resistant to change. It is also possible that some fans may be confused about what a soft reboot means for the future of the franchise.

Ultimately, the success of Secret Wars will depend on how well Marvel Studios executes it. If the film is well-written and well-made, fans are likely to be more accepting of a soft reboot. However, if the film is poorly written or poorly made, fans are likely to be disappointed.

Secret Wars is a bold move by Marvel Studios. It is an attempt to fix the problems of the MCU and to start fresh. Whether or not the film will be successful remains to be seen. However, it is clear that Marvel Studios is willing to take risks in order to keep the MCU fresh and exciting.

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