They made a practical 5-foot penis for GEN V

GEN VIn a world full with digital marvels, where computer-generated imagery (CGI) can create practically anything, pragmatism still reigns supreme. We delve into the interesting adventure of creating a practical 5-foot penis for The Boys Spin Off.


GEN V (2023)

It’s not our style to CG a penis. I think it’s important for verisimilitude that we create these penises practically.

In its first four episodes, Prime Video’s spinoff “Gen V” outdid “The Boys” in terms of the sheer quantity of on-screen penises revealed — and also introduced the first-ever “cocksplosion” on television. We had to talk to executive producers Eric Kripke and Michele Fazekas about it, of course.

Marie (Jaz Sinclair) is seeking for Emma (Lizze Broadway), her missing roommate who shrank down incredibly little to study the mysterious Woods supe program, in Episode 4. To find out where Emma is, Marie approaches to a classmate named Rufus (Alexander Calvert), a sinister psychic who offers to find Emma if she pays him sexually. Marie considers leaving Rufus, but he relents and provides her with information about Emma.

Suddenly, Marie blacks out and awakens in Rufus’ chamber, with the psychic perv standing naked in front of her, evidently intending to abuse her. With her buddy Jordan (London Thor) knocking on the door, Marie becomes engrossed in the ruckus and inadvertently utilizes her blood-bending abilities to expand Rufus’ penis to an uncomfortably big size. Marie’s blood powers climax just as Jordan crashes down the door, and Rufus’ penis explodes in a gory mass.

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In an age dominated by CGI, the fabrication of a practical 5-foot penis for the show demonstrates the continuing value of authenticity. This project, created with dedication, expertise, and a desire for realism, challenges the current quo in the field of digital artwork. The significance of GEN V extends beyond its distinct characteristics, opening the door to new possibilities in which the actual and digital coexist.

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