VFX workers at Disney have made history by unanimously voting to unionize


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This is a significant step towards better representation and collective empowerment in the world of visual effects.


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VFX workers are responsible for creating the stunning visuals that we see in our favorite movies and TV shows.

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However, they have often been overworked and underpaid. The decision to unionize is a sign that VFX workers are demanding better working conditions and fair compensation.

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The unanimous vote in favor of unionization is a testament to the strength and solidarity of VFX workers. It is also a clear message to Disney that VFX workers are serious about improving their working conditions.

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The unionization of Disney VFX workers is a major victory for the entire VFX industry. It sets a precedent for other VFX workers to follow, and it could lead to significant improvements in working conditions for VFX workers across the industry.

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What does this mean for the future of VFX?

The unionization of Disney VFX workers is a positive development for the future of VFX. It shows that VFX workers are willing to stand up for their rights and demand better working conditions.

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This could lead to a number of positive changes for the VFX industry LIKE,

Better pay and benefits for VFX workers

More sustainable working conditions

More creative input for VFX workers

A more diverse and inclusive VFX workforce

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