Does The Exorcist: Believer

have a post-credits scene?

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The Exorcist: Believer does not have a post-credits scene.


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his is a surprise, as many modern horror films include post-credits scenes to tease sequels or tie up loose ends.

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However, director David Gordon Green has said that he wanted the film to have a definitive ending, and that he didn't want to leave any ambiguity or unanswered questions.

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This decision has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some fans are disappointed that they didn't get to see what happens to the characters after the film ends, while others appreciate the fact that the film has a satisfying conclusion.

There are a few possible reasons why Green may have decided not to include a post-credits scene. One possibility is that he simply didn't feel the need for one. The film's ending is already quite conclusive, and there aren't any major loose ends that need to be tied up.

The absence of a post-credits scene, in my opinion, is a plus. It demonstrates Green's desire to deliver a comprehensive and fulfilling story rather than set up future features. It also permits the audience to leave the theater with a sense of closure rather than wondering what will happen next.


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